Professional Development

Regional Seminars

4 GENERATIONS 4 EDUCATION organizes regional seminars during the year in different countries.

In-school workshops

Schools can also request one of the thematic workshop listed below for their teachers and leaders and follow up visits.
  1. Teaching languages for non-native speakers
  2. Innovation in Early years education
  3. Bilingualism, hints and tips
  4. Technology in the classroom: easy and accessible
  5. How to support students with special education needs
  6. Best practices in teaching sciences and mathematics
  7. Creativity and Arts
  8. Concept based curriculum
  9. Teaching through inquiry
  10. Differentiation in the classroom how and why
  11. Assessment formative and summative
  12. Leadership for tomorrow

Team-building workshops

Those workshops will help schools and organizations to provide their employees with an opportunity to build strong relationships, develop their communication skills, trust, self- confidence and creativity. Participants will think outside the box to achieve a common goal: collaboration and success.

Consultancy and Advisory Services

  • School visit for curriculum development and revision
    Receive expert feedback to write, revise or improve your curriculum
  • School visit for strategic planning and action plan
    Receive feedback to help the school in setting priorities and putting them in place and ensure the follow up
  • Accreditation Advisory services
    Support and help schools to be prepare for French accreditation or international one
  • Working with parents
    We provide mini workshops and information sessions for parents

Renovation of school libraries

We will transform your school library to an active learning hub.

Cultural events in schools

Putting schools in contact with authors, singers, painters and storytellers who can do animation and mini workshops in the school for students, teachers and parents.